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Krista Simpson Anderson and The Unquiet Professional

We met Krista Anderson about a year ago. Faith Dugan of Faith Dugan Photography made a post on Facebook that Krista was in need of a last minute videographer for her wedding. Her husband was being deployed and they were planning their wedding in as little as two weeks. We learned more about Krista and her story from a video created for Wear Blue: Run to Remember. We were touched by her story and wanted to help out. We connected with her and shot her wedding about 5 days later. She had such a beautiful wedding and we were so happy we could document the day for her and her husband, Gus.

Throughout the last year, we stayed in touch. We learned more about her organization, The Unquiet Professional and loved their mission. TUP was started in memory of her late husband, SSG Michael H. Simpson, to help military families in need. We support TUP and we've created the video below to share their story.

Krista has an opportunity to be named 2018's Military Spouse of the Year. She has already been selected as the "Top 18" but now has the opportunity to become the overall Military Spouse of the Year.

Please follow this link, to read her story and vote for Krista Simpson Anderson. The voting is going on until 11:59pm tonight. If her story moves you the way it has for us, share the link and try to get her some more votes! She is an amazing and caring women who devotes her time to helping others, so we want to take some time to help her be recognized.

To learn more about why TUP was started, please watch this video we created for them.

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