Annear Wedding Films has been around for a few years now, but we have never had a blog. Now that we have one, we feel that our past weddings deserve some time to shine! We are going to try and make this a monthly thing. Once a month, on Throwback Thursday, we will choose one of our wedding highlight films to share with you. Today, we've selected Emily & Josh's wedding.

Emily and Josh are good friends of ours so I couldn't wait to film their wedding. They had such a relaxing day. What you don't see in the video though, were the days and months of preparation that went into their big day. When you hear people say they are having a DIY wedding, this is exactly what they are talking about.

Their friends and family worked together to pick flowers & greenery, cut rosemary, set the tables, re-design and alter Emily's dress, create the boutonnieres, crowns, and bouquets, decorate their venue in the woods, the list goes on and on. Everything in this wedding was handmade and put together by the couple's family and friends. It was one of the most unique events we've ever captured and we truly appreciate the time everyone put into this day to make it as amazing as it was.

The girls spent the morning getting ready at the Johnson home. They built their flower crowns and tailored up some last minute details. While they were doing this, the groomsmen and everyone else was over at the campsite getting everything prepared. They spent all morning arranging the place settings, setting up the Watering Hole, and preparing the ceremony site.

The weather was perfect, it was cool and comfortable and it looked like the rain was going to hold out. Just as guests began arriving it began to sprinkle. Since the ceremony was tucked away beneath a ton of large trees, the rain barely hit the ground. Emily's mother sang a beautiful song as the girls made their way down the aisle. Once the processional started, the rain stopped.

Josh's brother was their wedding officiant. The words he spoke were very personalized and truly fitting to describe the bond that this couple shares. After the ceremony, they took photos in the woods and shared laughs and good times with their family and friends. The sun came out a little bit as they shared their first dance under a clear tent.

Dinner was served and their friends delivered some of the best speeches we've heard. They were heartfelt and hilarious. The afternoon continued with fun music and dancing. They cut their pie instead of a traditional wedding cake and Emily shared a sweet dance with her father. Later in the day, Emily's father figured it was time to bring out his surprise.

Since he has experience flying hot air balloons, it was only fitting to have one at their wedding. Emily & Josh were the first of their guests to take a ride up and see their wedding from a totally different perspective. Everyone had a chance to get in and take a ride, including us! It was an unforgettable experience.

We can't say enough great things about this wedding. Two caring people were surrounded by their loving family and friends and we were lucky enough to film it! Emily and Josh recently celebrated their first anniversary, we hope that the future continues to bring them all of the happiness in the world! Cheers!

-The Annears

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We met Krista Anderson about a year ago. Faith Dugan of Faith Dugan Photography made a post on Facebook that Krista was in need of a last minute videographer for her wedding. Her husband was being deployed and they were planning their wedding in as little as two weeks. We learned more about Krista and her story from a video created for Wear Blue: Run to Remember. We were touched by her story and wanted to help out. We connected with her and shot her wedding about 5 days later. She had such a beautiful wedding and we were so happy we could document the day for her and her husband, Gus.

Throughout the last year, we stayed in touch. We learned more about her organization, The Unquiet Professional and loved their mission. TUP was started in memory of her late husband, SSG Michael H. Simpson, to help military families in need. We support TUP and we've created the video below to share their story.

Krista has an opportunity to be named 2018's Military Spouse of the Year. She has already been selected as the "Top 18" but now has the opportunity to become the overall Military Spouse of the Year.

Please follow this link, to read her story and vote for Krista Simpson Anderson. The voting is going on until 11:59pm tonight. If her story moves you the way it has for us, share the link and try to get her some more votes! She is an amazing and caring women who devotes her time to helping others, so we want to take some time to help her be recognized.

To learn more about why TUP was started, please watch this video we created for them.

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Updated: Mar 12, 2018

Most people have heard me say, "my papa is my best friend". I grew up living with my mom and my grandparents until I was about 18. I did everything with my grandparents. We went for rides together so they could show me where they grew up, we went to the beach at night so I could count airplanes (this has to be a RI thing since most people live within 20 minutes of the airport) and I would even go with my Papa every single day when he went to pick up my Nana from work. Let's not leave out the fact that I wasn't allowed to stay home alone, and I could not go walk around the neighborhood by myself until I was old enough to drive. Luckily, I was able to walk around with friends. I just couldn't walk to their house alone, LOL.

My favorite memories are all the walks my Papa and I would take together. He loves going for walks. Even when we picked my Nana up from work, in Lincoln, we would go a little early so we could do a lap around Lincoln Woods. When I was a baby, my Papa was stopped by a photographer from the Cranston Herald. He asked if he could take a photograph of us and put it in the paper. He saw my Papa walking with me in the carriage every morning on his way to work. My Papa proudly said yes, and we were in the paper!

Okay, so what's the point? Last year, my Nana passed away. In the months leading up to this, I found myself watching all of the videos I had of them dancing together on Federal Hill and I realized how important it was for me to make more videos of them. One day I went to visit my Nana in the nursing home and we had the BEST time. She was telling me all kinds of hilarious stories from her childhood, from her and my papa's courtship, and from when my mother was little. At the end of our conversation, I asked her if I could take my camera in her room and interview her about her past. I loved hearing her stories and didn't want to ever forget them. She thought it was a great idea and told me to bring my camera next time. Every day I went there with my camera she would tell me she was tired and to do it another day. As the time progressed, I knew it was too much for her and I didn't want to aggravate her. I never got the chance to record those stories.

After she passed, I told myself that I have to make sure I record as much video of my family as I can. Being a videographer, I value video so much. Especially when it involves loved ones that you know won't be around forever.

This year we invested in a new camera that shoots 4K and slow motion. We also purchased a new stabilizer to get more smooth & steady motion shots. As soon as we had a warm day, I went to my Papa's house and asked if he could help me test out and learn how to use some new equipment. Of course he said, yes! Then it hit me! I could have just had him walk around and get a few shots, or I could make this a really cute video that hopefully my kids would like to watch some day. So, before I left the house, I grabbed the photo of us that the photographer from the Cranston Herald took 26 years ago. I asked my Papa if I could interview him, and during the interview, I asked him to tell some stories from when I was little. The first story he told was the one about us walking and how we ended up in the paper. He always tells people this story. I've heard it 1,000 times, but it never gets old.

That being said, I give you this video, "Walking My Baby Back Home". (That was the headline of the story in the paper). Hopefully, this is just the first of many more Papa videos to come. I hope you enjoy it!

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